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Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

This is an easy one bowl chocolate cake. It comes together really quickly and can be made into a loaf or a round. Use whatever all purpose blend you prefer.


1 1/2 cups - GF Flour

1/2 -cup cocoa

1 cup - sugar

1/2 teaspoon - salt

2 teaspoons - baking soda

2 teaspoons - ground cinnamon

3/4 teaspoon - xantham gum

5 tablepsoons - cooking oil*

1 tablespoon vinegar

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 egg

1 cup - water/milk*


1. In a large bowl combine all dry ingredients with a whisk until mixed.

2. Add in wet ingredients and mix thoroughly.

3. Pour into greased loaf pan, lined with parchment paper.

4. Bake at 350°F for 35 - 45 minutes, or until toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean.

Notes: I recommend using a neutral oil, I prefer butter but coconut oil works just as well. You can substitute the water for milk or other non-dairy alternatives if you'd like.

When my partner first got her Celiac diagnosis, to be honest we were heartbroken. No breads, no cakes or doughnuts? No more good desserts!? Enough was enough.

I've had to relearn how to cook the foods I'm used to. So join me on this little journey of gluten free recipes. Hopefully you'll see gluten free can be easy and not always boringly healthy.

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